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Introducing Adin Masencamp an 18 year old professional surfer from Cape Town, South Africa. He hails from the small town of Strand but you’ll normally catch this guy travelling around South Africa and the world surfing in numerous Qualifying Series competitions. This young surfer describes himself as a very competitive person and has a true love for the ocean. He’s competed in the Burleigh Heads Pro QS 1000, Australia 2018, WSL Africa Junior 2016-where he placed first-as well as the Vans surf pr classic 2018 QS to name just a few of the competitions.
We had a quick catch up with the young surfer to learn more about his surf journey.


At what age did you start surfing?
I started surfing at the age of 7.

Were you surrounded by surfers growing up? Did surfing come naturally to you.
Surfing came naturally for me. My family just went to the beach a lot and I would see people surfing every time we went down, I then gave it a try and after standing up for the first time I never looked back.

Is surfing your full time “job” or are you currently studying etc?
Surfing is my full time job, it’s a profession.

If surfing wasn’t your profession what field do you think you’d be in?
I would become a Biokineticist, I’d like to work with Athletes to help them achieve their goals
as a professional.

Describe your style in 1 word.

Favorite winter clothing item right now.
Billabong Coat.

How do you prep for a competition?
It takes months of preparation. A few months before the competition I start training with my trainer Phil Nel in the gym to get as fit and strong as possible before each event. A lot of visualization as well. In the weeks leading up to the event I would do mock heats with myself to get into that competitive mode again and just surf every wave like it’s the wave that’s going to win me the event. Good boards are also a huge factor, so finding that magic board for the event is crucial. You also need to eat healthily during the whole build up towards the event and during the event, I do this everyday anyway but good nutrition is key.

Any advice you would give to other young surfers trying to pursue the dream of becoming a professional surfer?
Surf as much as you can, train harder than your competitors in and out of the water, have a good pre-heat routine and most of all keep it fun, after all you are living the life so enjoy it!

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