OH OK and btny have come together to work on two limited edition t-shirts that will be available with a matching plant at btny.’s online store.

Why did btny and Oh Ok decide to come together and collaborate?
OK OK  Both brands are fairly new busineses which focuses on online retail spaces. We’re also friends. We started talking over breakfast one morning a few months ago and now we are here.
btny  Needless to say the bagel was worth it.

Many people are scared to get plants because of their busy lifestyle. Ok Ok, do you own any plants or do you only wear them on you t-shirt?
OH OK Haha, yeah, we do own plants. We love plants.

Both companies are run by individuals who are in and out of town.
What do you do with your plants when you leave town for a week?
btny If you’re only gone for a week then your plants will be fine, just give them a nice water before you go and make sure there’s no water left over in the tray (root rot is not a vibe). If it’s longer than a week or two you should get someone to water them for you.
OH OK We usually ask a reliable friend or a reliable housemate/partner to look after them. We try to be good people. Plants are great. Promise!

How did you go about choosing the perfect “model” for the graphic on the t-shirt?
Lush, healthy foliage vs Popularity
OH OK btny.’s got this one :)
btny We went with Marcelle and Sweet Phil, who are both members of the Philodendron family. They’re beautiful plants and are easy to look after, so they make great additions to any indoor jungle. Both of them are lush, leafy and popular – so it’s a win-win!

Purchase the collaboration at btny.co.za

OH OK is a multi-disciplinary brand with a focus on (but not limited to) its main division, clothing. We pride ourselves in the fact that everything is done in-house or in collaboration with like-minded individuals and friends. We want to place a strong emphasis on quality, sincerity and comfort. Everything we put out into the world is developed by us from concept to creation.
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is an online nursery that lets you shop your favourite house plants from the comfort of your couch, desk or camper van. With simple care guides, an ever expanding collection of easy to look after plants and deliveries to your door, they’re here to help you curate your space.

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Both brands are new and based in Cape Town, South Africa.

PHOTOGRAPHY: @nicklmgordon

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