This work is an exploration of painting in the expanded field, which is the idea (and/or act) of taking the three main elements of a painting (the canvas/material, the pigment/colour and the structure/frame) and applying it to other materials to see how they, too, could function as paintings.

Tayla van der Spuy

Tayla van der Spuy

I decided to buy a large piece of stretchy gold fabric and photograph a friend, Chloe Etheridge, under it. I was interested in the form and the act of it coming through the material – the idea of revealing something whilst concealing it. For this reason, I had my model pull, wrap and stretch the material around her body so as to create tension and definitive/angular forms. I was interested in the idea of turning the human form into an expanded painting.

Tayla van der Spuy

Chloe Etheridge