I’m a social documentary photographer, focusing my lens on South African fringe communities isolated geographically or psychologically from conventional society.

My aim is to tell visually rich stories that engage the viewer in a way which enlightens and broadens perceptions surrounding the complexities of culture and ideas of belonging.

There’s a thin, yet occasionally tentative line which separates the observer and the subject; the idea that the camera operates as an enchanted cloak, allowing the photographer to move freely through the whirlwinds of life, documenting its madness while keeping a safe distance from its subjective veracity. The reality of my experience has always been a metamorphosis; to become one with the subject, so that the subject is no longer just a person in front of the camera, but a genuine friend, an associate, sincerely related, loved or hated – because The Truth is a priceless commodity, not afforded to strangers. And in the end, The Truth is all that matters, even when it’s a lie.