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Work & Co. Nova Pop Culture South African Pop Culture The Lake Magazine
What inspired you to create Work & Co.
Julien founded Work & Co as an inspiring physical and digital platform to connect people and help them grow their businesses in a unique, innovative space.We wanted to create a space that allows members to focus on work that matters.  

More than just a physical space, we wanted to create a collective knowledge system, equipping people to focus on what matters most and serendipitously enabling connections to form bonds and networks that will last a life time.

Work & Co. Nova Pop Culture South African Pop Culture The Lake Magazine
When was Work & Co. established and who did all of the interior work in these beautiful spaces

We opened our doors on the 15th of March 2016. VZG Architects helped Julien design the space and Andrea Graff, with her unique touch, helped us get the interiors flawless. We needed the design to be effortlessly efficient yet have a congenial atmosphere. We spent a lot of time of the technology in our space – from the biometric security, Uninterrupted Power Supply, IP Phones to housing our own servers and fibre line to provide the fastest, most stable internet connection possible. We are serious about our business but just as serious about sharing a bottle of wine with the community on a Friday. 

Work & Co. Nova Pop Culture South African Pop Culture The Lake Magazine

How has Work & Co. been received so far by the Cape Town professional community?

We have been very fortunate to have grown into a community of over 250 entrepreneurs, local start ups, global companies, fintech collaborations, wine makers, architects, advertising agencies, and so much more… Since day one we have been way more concerned with building an ambitious community than just a physical serviced space…and today we could not be prouder of the W&Co members & friends.  

It is also really exciting to see the coworking industry grow in Cape Town. Over the past 3 years people have grown more seceptible to shared economies and are so much more familiar with the concept of collaboration and sharing resources. This is a progressive movement we are proud to be a part of. 
Work & Co. Nova
We recently worked out of your mobile office podNOVA and we really enjoyed being out of the ‘office’ , but still having all of the amenities that you would find in A-grade office space, how did you come up with the concept? 
Innovation is something that lies very dear to our heart – the idea came up and we couldn’t resist making this fantasy projects a reality. As the face of the traditional office has changed, we know that versatility, creativity and inspiration are key factors for business growth. We wanted to offer an alternative space for conducting meetings, work or strategy sessions or just changing up your work environment. 
The concept fit so strongly with our vision of equipping the modern nomad. We love what we do, but we also do not want to be in the same physical space everyday – by creating a mobile space, this would enable us to do what we love, wherever we want. Immersing yourself in different landscapes, while getting work done – the concept was just too attractive not to execute. We can say the rest is sort of history…NOVA now lives a life of its own.

Tell us a bit about what Nova is all about and some of its special features?
NOVA features all office essentials; fast Wifi, a Smart TV, Apple TV, printer, white board, Nespresso machine, stocked mini fridge, charging station, plug points, bathroom facility and running water. Being respectful of the environment, NOVA is completely off-the-grid and uses solar generated electricity. The mobile office pod was designed for the receptive and built for the adventurous.
Work & Co. Nova Pop Culture South African Pop Culture The Lake Magazine
What locations can you select from to work out of Nova for the day?
We have 5 predetermined locations – we picked some iconic Cape Townian sites like Signal Hill, Moullie Point, the coastal road,. Anywhere in the CBD where NOVA can fit is also possible. We included some of the most beautiful views and our favourite surf spot, Derde Steen. 
We have been to many more locations though, we encourage people to create their own experience…from onsite office, a press room at a conference, to a meeting in the countryside, finished off with a wine tasting – we can do it all. Get in touch and we can help you curate your NOVA Experience. 
Work & Co. Nova Pop Culture South African Pop Culture The Lake Magazine
How do you go about booking NOVA for the day?
It’s really simple – you can drop us a mail at –  request you date, location and if you want to book for a half or full day. You can also visit our website to request a booking

The rest of the details we will happily help you with. We provide transport to and from the NOVA location for you & your guests – breakfast and/or lunch can be arranged.