Palladium continues to explore city subcultures all around the world and today sees their return to London: arguable the world’s hub for innovative, young talent. The iconic boot brand has had exclusive access with a creative collective whose meteoric trajectory has seen them emerge from nothing just a few years ago to being one of the most talked-about artistic collaborators of 2016.

Places + Faces is the brainchild of photographers and multi-faceted creatives Imran Ciesay and Solomon Boyede, who have worked with artists including Skepta, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, with the result that they have become – according to a recent profile in W Magazine – “hip-hop’s favourite tumblr”.

With Palladium, the duo take us on a journey across the capital, from the depths of Peckham Rye’s emerging artist community, through the brutalist landscapes of the iconic Barbican building, north to a late night grime party in Dalston. As they traverse the city, the group collect their friends and collaborators including rapper Drew Mula, musician Kelvin Krash and DJ Yinka. Images were shot on film using Olympus Muji II camera from the ‘90s, and the group explore the urban landscape, gaining access to hidden locations and exploiting them to maximum photographic potential.


The result is a unique insight into not only the cultural melting pot that is London but also a rare introduction into the faces behind Places + Faces. Exploring London with Ciesay and Solomon also gives a modern viewpoint into British multiculturalism that feels more relevant than ever given the current global geopolitical landscape. Fresh and vital without compromising on artistic license, the Places + Faces collective have peeled back the glossy edge on the Great British capital to reveal a vibrant musical subculture that fuels London’s position as the centre of the global creative culture.


Throughout the video Places + Faces wear Palladium’s new AW16 2.0 product range. Styles for women include the Pallaville HI CVS in Rose. Men’s styles featured are the new Palladium Hi CVS in Pavement and Black. Available from stand-alone Palladium Boots stores: Eastgate Shopping Centre, Rosebank Mall, Cresta, Sandton City, Menlyn Park, Gateway, Pavilion and Canal Walk.



The Palladium Boots Explorer Series is an evolving creative concept that puts the spotlight on a series of undercover international locations. Produced in collaboration with some of the world’s most respected creatives, artists and fashion players, the global initiative uncovers and researches hidden locales and cultures through original film and photography content.


Both London natives, Ciesay, 23, moved to New York in 2013 to live with his uncle, which is when he started worming his way into rap shows with his camera. He swears it’s his British accent that won over big names like DrakeKendall Jenner, and even Kanye West at parties and concerts, with all of whom he has become friendly. But it started when he saw A$AP Ferg in an elevator and simply asked if he could hang out with him and take his picture. Ferg agreed, and three years later he still texts Ciesay, practically begging to see more images.

While Ciesay is out and about snapping photos and making fast friends, Boyede, 24, handles the production side of things. The duo now has a merch line, a YouTube series, and will release their latest zine, “L.I.T.,” today, featuring candid nightlife photographs in New York, London, and Tokyo.



Drew Mula – DrewMula
Wonder – @WonTheOnly
Krash- @KelvinKrash
Crystal – @Crystalmarcelle
Yinka- @TheBokinni


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