Ray-Ban’s 2016 #ItTakesCourage campaign roots itself in the ethos that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the triumph over it. Courage is not just physical bravery, but is what pushes people to face their fears and to go beyond their limits.

Courage has many forms, and one most importantly is the courage to be vulnerable in the name of love and all its forms. With Ray-Ban’s first #ItTakesCourage activation, consumers are encouraged to wear their hearts on their sleeves through the artistic form of a tattoo.


Behind every tattoo is a story from the heart. People, places and memories so meaningful and personal that they inspire the courageous act of permanently wearing them on your skin. Through an Instagram activation, Ray-Ban wants to find new and meaningful stories and transform these into a courageous act of a tattoo.


Consumers will be invited to share what they want to get tattooed through a series of short films. The films will showcase three of South Africa’s best tattoo studios each sharing their best tattoo stories. Consumers will need to share their story on Instagram using the official campaign hashtag, #ItTakesCouragesa, and tag @rayban for the chance to win a tattoo sponsored by Ray-Ban.

PALM BLACK is a private tattoo studio located in Cape Town, South Africa, owned by Raoul Goetze. South African born in 1986, Raoul Goetze has been tattooing professionally since 2011.

The studio is split up in an open plan downstairs tattooing area, PALM BLACK Tattoo Co, workshop and an upstairs screen printing / production area.

Palm Black works on an appointment base – which creates a private, exclusive and relaxed environment for your tattoo experience. They specialise in all styles and take pride in having a complete sterile, sanitary and professional work environment.

So go on. All you need to do is open your heart!

INFO: www.ray-ban.com