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Ever experienced the kind of day dream that takes you far, far away from the mundane moment you’re in? For Red Bull BMX Athlete, Murray Loubser that daydream was captured into an almost hypnotic video where he is transported from a lecture room into a BMX scene scape, sessioning some of the most iconic locations around the City of Cape Town, in ‘Shapes in the City’.



Conceived by Loubser and his friend and photographic collaborator Wayne Reiche, the film crew on the project also featured a host of his friends from the South African BMX scene. As the country’s lockdown regulations eased and filming was allowed under strict protocol, the team was finally able to hit the streets to start production.

The 4-minute long action-packed film has been a labour of love for Loubser and the entire crew involved in the ideation and filming of the piece, having started the process early in 2020.

“I definitely enjoyed the factor that it was just me and the mates, going out and making something that I know we’re all proud of. We all put in such a large amount of work just to make it happen and the final product is epic!” says Loubser of the final result.

The video showcases iconic spots like the Cape Town Stadium, Taal Monument, Sea Point Pools, Monwabisi Pavilion and The Castle of Good Hope – many of the places that Loubser dreamt of riding and would not have been possible for him to ride outside of the shoot.

“We had been shooting photos for so long now and shapes were appearing in images we were shooting in the architecture and how the shadows were being cast and the idea was to do a project to capture those shapes as the key interest in the gallery we wanted to shoot,” Murray says.

The sport of BMX is powerful, creative and engaging and ‘Shapes in the City certainly drives that point home.


Murray Loubser

Wayne Reiche