13Hof is not your everyday hi-fi retailer. Rather than build a run of the mill store, 13hof focuses on creating an extraordinary experience.  Music and art are brought together in perfect synthesis to create an encounter that transcends the mundane and transports you into a space that is both moving and surreal.




The house itself serves as a permanent art gallery featuring a provocative collection of work from local and international artists. In between the sometimes controversial art are two dedicated listening rooms which have been purpose built to showcase a wide range of hi-fi components, The equipment ranges from affordable entry level systems to cost is no option audiophile masterpieces.


13hof is one of those rare places where you are able to appreciate the unbridled passion of its owner while allowing yourself to get lost in your own world, depending on what you bring with to listen to. It’s worth visiting if you are a simple music love, art critic or serious audiophile.



INFO: www.13hof.co.za