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131 // A // GALLERY is proud to present ‘Free To Go’ an online and gallery exhibition featuring three mini series of smaller works created during the lockdown by Olivié Keck, Adele Van Heerden and Michael Amery

‘Free To Go’ will run from the 18th August until the 17th September 2020 online and the artworks will be up on the walls at 131 from the 31st of August 2020

Olivié Keck – ‘Embrace’


“A mini-series made in the pursuit of finding an escape from the anxious moment that society finds itself in. This series draws inspiration from nature and the comfort of our shared human experience.”

Michael Amery – “City Trees”


“I call palms city trees because they are often favoured in our cities for their practicality above anything else.  Examples of this practicality include: they occupy a relatively small area which is suitable where space is limited.; their roots don’t cause damage to infrastructure; they are hardy; they are not easy to vandalise;  they don’t create big shady areas where loiterers can congregate or dense, dark areas where criminals can hide; they can’t be climbed easily in order to gain access to properties.

I always like the feeling I get from a palm tree, which to me is a romantic, summery, relaxed feeling. But the irony is they have often been chosen for very different reasons altogether. This series attempts to romanticise the palm tree, one of the few pieces of nature we have chosen to allow in our carefully controlled cities.”

Adele Van Heerden – “Spaceship Home”


“We were suddenly plunged into a world of multitudes of uncertainties. We refocused ourselves on the domestic: cooking, working, cleaning, redecorating, learning, reading, watching, meditating, dreaming. Our daily lives became a picture framed by a window, a time warp. We sequestered ourselves in our homes, which started to resemble isolated spheres floating around in time and space.”

‘Free To Go’ is up on the walls at 131 A Gallery, opening hours are from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday. If you still aren’t comfortable visiting galleries yet over these anxious times the exhibition is available to view online at www.131agallery.com.