Through this series of images, I have pushed myself to move towards a more creative and rewarding body of work. I also wanted the work to pay tribute to a deep love I have for Africa. Being a white Afrikaans speaking woman this is a very difficult subject to broach without stepping on toes or being deemed non-understanding. I grew up travelling southern Africa on an almost monthly basis and used those vivid memories of colours as an inspiration for the shoot.

Channay Harvey

“Indigo was more powerful than the gun,” “It was used literally as a currency. They were trading one length of cloth, in exchange for one human body.” “Ajna” which refers to the blue chakra, which is said to include the third eye, it is also believed to be related to intuition and spiritual knowledge. Whereas an Indigo person is also seen as someone who has come into this world destined to create change and awaken humanity.


Sibonelo Aniello Mndebele