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Bye Beneco will release their third single and music video Baby I’m Gold on On February 21. It’s the third single from their upcoming EP that will be released in May. Hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa, this eclectic dream-pop sensation are making waves in both the underground and the international indie scene. With the new single, Bye Beneco manage to seamlessly and stylishly blend their uniquely ethereal 80’s inspired dream-pop sound with a faster pace that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing. Bye Beneco’s golden thread is female lead singer, Lenny-Dee Doucha’s evocative writing style and mesmerizing voice. Their sound stems from various styles with the intention to forever evolve.

The band’s first two music videos for the upcoming EP, It’s Not True Love and I’m Not The One, already got a lot of international attention. I’ts Not True Love reached #2 on the worldwide Indie Shuffle Chart and I’m Not The One saw over 200,000 streams in it first weeks. Earlier they released the well received EP Ghetto Disko (2017) and their debut album Space Elephant (2014), which was nominated for the South African Music Awards in the category Best Alternative Album. When it comes to making magical music videos, Bye Beneco definitely know a thing or two. They received international attention with strong music videos like Jungle Drums, Ghetto Disko, I’m Not The One and It’s Not True Love . It’s a well-known band in South Africa, but they are also on the road to fortune and fame in Europe. Bye Beneco had three consecutive successful European tours since 2016 and played twice at the big Primavera Festival at Barcelona. The band is relocating to Berlin in May 2020. This will align with the start of their fourth European tour.

Bye Beneco are about to relocate to Berlin to take the music scene by storm. Fronted by enchantress Lenny-Dee Doucha, the band are revered for their unique blend of indie-pop and dreamlike disco atmospheres.

Having had three consecutive, successful European tours since 2016, the band have seen immense success playing renowned international festivals, namely, twice at Barcelona’s leading arts festival Primavera Pro and Germany’s iconic Stimmen Festival. Performing and touring are an intrinsic part of what Bye Beneco does best.