Mami Wata & Missibaba launch their latest collaborative creation – the BANANANANANANAS custom surfboard bag in support of youth surf charity, Waves for Change.

Driven by their collective love of banana’s and bold colours, the Mami Wata X Missibaba collaboration has given rise to a wonderfully vivid piece of design. The eclectic surfboard bag celebrates the vibrancy of each brand and their shared intention to uplift local communities through creativity and art. The Mami Wata x Missibaba surfboard bag fundraiser initiative was established to aid the exciting new Waves for Change project in Harper, Liberia, where the funds raised will go towards building a new Waves For Change club house. In July, members of the public can get involved by visiting the GoFundMe platform on the Mami Wata website where they can buy unique Mami Wata products, such as the first Mami Wata X Missibaba custom surfboard bag, as well as African surf experiences. The proceeds from every purchase via the GoFundme platform will go towards the construction and operation of the club house.

We sat down with both brands to get the low down on this socially minded creative collaboration and this is what they had to say:


Tell us a bit about your partnership with Waves For Change and how you have been supporting this youth surf therapy NPO thus far?

 “Mami Wata and Waves for Change share the belief that the ocean heals and leaves you changed in mysterious ways. Waves for Change is an award-winning African surf therapy program, changing communities around South Africa, Liberia and Somalia through the restorative power of surfing. The work they do is truly exciting and inspirational, not just by sharing the joy of surfing with disadvantaged communities all over Africa, but also using surfing to alleviate suffering, spread good vibes and reinforce positive life choices in the communities they work with.

Fulfilling our partnership with Waves for Change, Mami Wata will be dressing their coaches in our distinctive Mfazazana boardies, Mami Wata mermaid logo shirts and caps for the upcoming season. We’re also offering Waves for Change coaches and alumni opportunities for growth, experience and employment in the Mami Wata business. We’ve run a number of public fundraising events on behalf of the organisation and will continue to do this regularly in the future. We’re also working with this incredible surf therapy organisation to develop an original Mami Wata x Waves for Change surf coach uniform for all their coaching staff, but also for sale in Mami Wata stores and stockists, to raise awareness and funds for Waves for Change.

The Mami Wata x Missibaba luxury board bag initiative is to raise funds for an exciting new project at Waves for Change in Harper, Liberia, where we’re helping to build the new Waves For Change club house.”

As a surf brand, what was it that drew you towards Missibaba when you embarked on this fundraising initiative?Bananas! Missibaba love bananas. We love bananas.”

Mami Wata and Missibaba have come together and created an amazing surfboard bag. What was it that led your creative minds to conceptualize and produce this functional work of art?

Board bags are functional. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look great or be much more than just a utilitarian sock for carrying your board to the beach and back. It felt like a great canvas to do something different and unique.”

Tell us some more about the significance of the iconic Mami Wata Banana motif, which is the focal point of the ‘Banananananas’ surfboard bag?

“Bananas are the fruit of Africa. We eat them before we surf. They make us smile. “Bananas” is also the Waves for Change interpretation of the shaka sign and it symbolizes: ‘Communicate. Respect. Protect.’”


Missibaba deeply values the power of creative collaboration. Can you tell us how your collaboration with Mami Wata came about?

 We connected with them over our shared love of bananas, bold colour and our motherland. We met up with the Mami Wata team early this year for one exhilarating mega brainstorming session, which resulted in our Banana dreamboat. Mami Wata’s enthusiasm for life and design is contagious and energizing – we have loved working together to create this unique piece of art.”

Missibaba is known for bold and unique patterns and design. What motifs have the collaboration with Mami Wata given rise to?

The collaboration gave rise to a meshing of both brand’s to take on the mighty BANANA.”

Missibaba is first and foremost a luxury fashion accessory label. What has it been like branching out and designing this novel surfing accessory?

We have loved exploring the world of Mami Wata – a very large new canvas and new materials for our creativity to run wild.”

Give us the juice on the design of the surfboard bag – what was the catalyst behind the creation of this African inspired piece?

Both brands are bonkers for bananas, which made it an obvious choice of motif. The bold colours, graphic bag fabric and exotic textures echo the African roots of both brands.”