Beach 2 Bush is all about looking, feeling and being fantastic wherever the scorching African sun shines. Is a hat really only for Summer…? Nah boo, don’t think so. It’s that special accessory within your Summer repertoire that you need to add a sprinkling of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your blazing inner persona – may it be a fantastical Alluring Ariel or a new-age Jetsetting Jane.



This summer, whether you are living la Vida Fabulous whilst sipping a spritzer in the fresh salty spray of the Atlantic or Bashing the Bundus whilst taming your wildly catty friends – one thing is 100% certain, you are going to have to look the part. But, hey, who said big bodies of water or the bushveld are for everyone? With this collection, we’re still giving a naughty nod to all our glamorous ladies-of-city-life-leisure, who’s jungles are home to hose-pipe snakes and backyard beaches are filled with inflatable flamingo’s – you very special ladies, are our much-loved in-betweeners.

CAMPAIGN VISUALS — This Sizzling Summer Collection is captured through the above-explained quirk-alicious persona’s, each living the African dream in their own natural habitat: Poolside Patricia is staying cool at the pool by keeping herself fiercely hydrated whilst Garden Goddess is mischievously uprooting gnomes and pruning her neighbour’s fruits. Bush Babe is channelling her wild side and rescued us all from a raging veld fire fiasco, whilst Beach Bimbo is doing some next-level reflecting, making her turn into the silver, sparkly diamond she really is. Catch them all this Summer throwing some ultra shade in the roasting rays of the African sun.

COLOUR PALETTE — Natural basics in the form of Golden Wheat and Coal Black , accented by the bright warmth of Aperol Spritz Orange and Flamingo Fuchsia. This is all grounded by the earthly embrace of Savannah Sage and Dark Moss Green .

MATERIALS — Luxurious exotic ostrich feathers, raw straw au naturale and shiny shells combined with the soft snaky touch of satin and hand-dyed sinamay will, all-in-all, have you screaming SIMUNYE!

Crystal Birch is a maverick milliner whose irreverent designs of classic hats have become beloved adornments on the heads of South Africa’s fashion-conscious. IF YOU WANNA GET AHEAD, GET A HAT.

The Parisian Milliners,
Store 2 Roodehek Street,
2nd-floor Roodehek House Gardens,
Cape Town, 8001