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Introducing #IAMHussain

 Hussain van Roos, creative consultant, founder and relationship navigator at Fixin Diaries is the bearded gentlemen as most would refer to him as; is all about beauty and class. He breathes and infuses a certain distinctiveness into his lifestyle and his projects. A distinctiveness which he has now come to define as the characteristics and lifestyle choices of the gentle brother. A distinctiveness that he wishes to share, nurture as well as distill from his greater community of like minded and well dressed peers.
Hussain wanted to host a meet up to create a social networking hub for like minded gentlemen where the ‘I AM HUSSAIN’ concept introduces the pillars that Hussain has defined through his journey as a gentleman. The meet up is a space where he will get to showcase his lifestyle choices in an authentic manner within his community and what better way to experience this in association with Ben Sherman and Hennessy South Africa.
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A teaser film was released via Vimeo and social media platforms to introduce I AM HUSSAIN and the concept of where Gentle Brothers meet and the message leading up to an occasion Hussain likes to refer to where his community look good, smoke good and eat good.


Creative direction by Hussain van Roos
Written & Produced by Nandi Dlepu Directed by Rainn Vlietman
Shot by Thabiso Ndlazi & Rainn Vlietman Final Mix by Sean Jeffries

Instagram: @HussainvanRoos
Twitter : @HussainvanRoos
Facebook: Hussain van Roos
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A special thank you to T+W for production support and Hennessy South Africa.

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