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BHOY is a teenager forced to mature in a savage world ruled by a god whale. I love comic books. Since I was a teen. It’s a medium that combines all my passions: storytelling, illustration and graphic design. Since I implemented animation in my film making basis, I started fantasizing about making something with the comic aesthetics.

Antoni Sendra

Carles Chiner, Pasqual Rodrigo, Zendra

As most of my personal projects, BHOY was born from a stumble. Experimenting with 3D, I discovered Adobe Fuse, a software that makes character design easy for dummies like me. You just open the application and start choosing different options for body parts and costumes.

Not only I was able to build a fully rigged character, but also animate it with the motion capture technique. Obviously, this technique constrained me using only the animations available at Mixamo motion capture library. That’s how I came with the idea of writing a story within the limitations of pre-animated elements.A inhospitable desert with a post-apocaliptic tribe. A “rites of manhood” tale in a Sci Fi realm

Additional Animation: Luis Llácer, Marc Guardiola
Thanks to: Raquel Sánchez, L’illa de Pasqu, J. A. Valverde, Saponiak, Foll, Carlos Aparicio, Facundo Novo
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