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Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10
“Choice is the greatest privilege we have… 
We can do anything we choose to set our effort towards. We even choose which thoughts we let linger, and those thoughts become our reality. 
Yet, how many in this world yearn to express their choices. At this very moment, thousands of lives are being lost because of someone else’s choices… someone who is far away and completely detached from the lives their choices are impacting. 
I like to believe that we will progress to the point that we consider our choices beyond our own circumstances and start to think of how every choice we make impacts someone else’s life…our choices are all incredibly more inter-twined than I think we like to believe.” – Katya Abedian 
Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


“Choice, or lack thereof, has always been an interesting thing for me. I’m a very anxious person, and it has always felt like a tough decision to make a choice, which ultimately leads to choices being made for me. In a lot of way I am still trying to figure out who I am, as a child I always had this clear sense of self but as I’ve grown older, I’ve grown more wobbly and teenage-hood is a dangerously difficult time to decide how to define yourself…
Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


“…Since I was a little child I have always had a strong sense of self, a strong sense of what I want, who I need to be. A strong sense of choice. But growing up as a lonely and afraid Gen Z kid, and trying to come of age in that environment has proven difficult. I believe in being PC and respecting everyone for who they are, I’m stressed out about all that surrounds me, politics, deforestation, pollution, etc. A lot of what makes me a good person is how much concern and worry I hold for everything. It’s a (and I’m going to compliment myself here so beware) beautiful and elegant trait, but it is not a trait aimed at self preservation. My heart beats too fast for my body to keep up and it got broken for the first time a few months ago. My hands never know what to do with themselves and sometimes it feels like I am losing my voice. Choice has always felt like a tricky thing to me because sometimes choice doesn’t feel like it’s a choice, ergo it becomes difficult to figure out how to make the right one. The least we can do though is to simply, try.”


“The ultimate goal is liberation. Liberation can be achieved by the repeated exercise of conscious choice and the cultivation of memory regarding those choices. Memory of choice and consequence is crucial because wise choices can only occur in the light of self-knowledge.”

Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10



“Choice for me means to be given the opportunity to choose what I love to do most as a career option which is making art, without choice I wouldn’t have this freedom. Choice is important at this time for our generation especially because our choices will determine what our world will look like to us in all of our futures to come.

Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


“Choices, perhaps a common thread woven through one generation to the next. An innate faculty, part of our human condition, enabling boundless possibilities. The all-powerful choice seemed to be born with every human being and at some point, it gains full strength, imposing rules that would thereafter always be respected, rules created by the world in which we are born into, not by “choice”: 
Being different (perhaps an example of Saphron) is viewed as dangerous; she/he/they belong to another tribe, from a different world. At some point in our lives, we have to marry, have children, multiply human existence and reproduce species. We must have jobs we dislike because we are apart of an organised society and if we so choose our so called “own path” we cease to exist. We then buy clothes, accessories that identify with a particular culture/tribe. We cannot, at any point in our miserable lives express our true feelings, instead, we should sneer at those who do. What others think is more important that how we feel! 
When we fail to fit the current ideal of beauty, we must fast, evern if we’re starving. Fashion dicators determine our dress, engage in intimacy and love-making when we feel like it or not, vote for corruption and politicians, encourage war for the sake of money and racia and religious disputes, criticise anyone and everyone who is different and does not posses what is considered “normal”, dress ‘appropriately and attend a religious service on a Sunday morning so that all evil can be temporarily washed away – atleast for one day, so just for a moment, we feel close to what we call God. 
We have to get a university degree to make our mark in this world, even if we don’t find a job in our field of knowledge. Been forced to study in an area of knowledge we will never use, because society said: “We need to know this!” And of course, we cannot even begin to think of making our parents sad, even if it means giving up our individuality. 
Living in an age of decadence, where moral and cultural standards have been lost by excessive indulgence of choices that have been predetermined for us. It is time for our generation to find that golden thread, traced back to ancient civilaztions who gazed upon the stars who spoke once to man, sharing ancient tales of wisdom, tales of freedom, and of love. Perhaps it is here where we find the true value of choice, choosing the possibility of being different and knowing that we are to, loved. 

When a child first encounters Maths in class one – we say that here is their first encounter with eternity. What happens to us, perhaps spiritually, when confronted with a choice?” 

Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10



Being a young woman, typically in safe spaces of such a progressive society, I don’t feel that I always realise the profoundness of my accessibility to the freedom of choice and expression I really do have. This is my own contradiction, which I acknowledge and seek to explore, through my artwork as a form of performance art or documented photography series. But I am very aware of the privilege of choice I do have access to.”

Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


Choice- Katya Abedian- Lake Magazine- Chime for Change10


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