Converse believes that art has the power to reflect the current times, provoke conversations, and build bridges between us. At no time has this been truer than during this recent global crisis that has affected every single one of us. Converse, through engaging communities of artists from all around the world, has launched the “Peace Campaign” initiative.

The Initiative launched on Africa Day, 25 May 2020, and has an underlying theme that voices “what kept us apart has brought us together” and inspires art and artists emerging from varying backgrounds and cultures to connect and progress towards peace.

The Peace Campaign initiative calls on two artists from the African continent – with contrasting aesthetics, tones, and processes – to engage and co-create a 6th sneaker that forms part of the range. This will speak to the broadened theme of borderless creativity.

The two artists selected are Fhatuwani Mukheli from South Africa and Sindiso Nyoni from Zimbabwe. They collaborated to visually depict a story on Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor canvas relating to peace and unity that is filled with optimism and that will encourage the brand’s global audience to document their progress and fueling the initiative along the way.  It is African inspired with their interpretation of what it means to unite for peace.

** The collaborative design created by Fhatuwani and Sindiso is available for sale exclusively at