Our eyes are open but we can’t see. The draped fabrics only fall down to the truth of our emptiness. We’re blinded by the bright lights of a filtered world telling us what we should aspire to be.”

Covered is a series where I wanted to express as a stylist how materialism and vanity in the 21st century affects how the youth views the world. The fabric is heavy and bulky showing how greed has dragged people down. The pleated sheer visor relates to how people blindly follow others. The empty pool symbolizes drowning. To be free of this we need to be ourselves even if it means to be completely vulnerable in a very opinionated society.

PHOTOGRAPGER: Mas-ood Petersen: @cpt_shooter
ART DIRECTION: Mas-ood Petersen: @cpt_shooter
STYLIST: Burton Miles: @themilesposts
MODEL: Burton Miles: @themilesposts


#Art #Fashion