“The music industry in Ireland is going through a really exciting time at the moment. When I first arrived it was pretty much band-driven but in the last four years it has become a melting pot of new sounds. Pop, Rap, Neo Soul, RnB and lots of cool stuff…”



Where are you from and how do you feel it has influenced the work that you are doing today?

I’m from Johannesburg originally. I guess growing up in Jozi was pretty diverse musically and culturally. Most of my time was spent at 206, Reallty and Places in Newtown. Skate punk by day and Drum and Bass head by night. I was part of a collective called Inishi8, promoting, producing and playing Drum and Bass, so that played a large part in shaping me.

How long has the Diffusion Lab journey been now for you and how did it finally come to be the recording studio it is today?

We’ve been going for about 4 years now I think. We didn’t really start with the idea to have a production and management company. It all kind of happened organically and now here we are.

What were you doing before the label materialized?

Working in a shit retail job..ha

You have two business partners (Ivan Klucka and Marcin Ciszczon). How did you cross paths with them and what are their roles within the studio?

Yes…two of the most driven, talented people I’ve ever met. Ivan I met through the drum ‘n bass scene in Dublin. He was a promoter and dj and we would meet to work on some music every now and then. Ivan is an amazing manager. He looks after three artists and takes care of the day-to-day business in Diffusion Lab. Serious operator. Marcin I met through a mutual friend that I used to produce with. He’s a jack of all trades really. One of the best mixing engineers in the country, producer and a great keys player…his dad’s jokes are on point too.

Are you guys strictly a recording studio or do you see yourselves becoming a record label in the near future?

Nope…we are in production and artist management, and our record label (DFL Records) is where we release all our artists through.

Having settled in Dublin over 13 years ago, when did you realize that there is a opportunity to start up a recording studio in Dublin?

The idea was never to start a recording studio to be honest. It was more of a space to meet up after work, make some music and have a beer. We realised after a while that we were meeting some amazing talent and making some ok music, and that there was an opportunity to try and turn it into something.

Is there a type of music that the studio specializes in or do you take in any type of artist that needs to get some recording done?

We have kind of made a name for ourselves with Rap, RnB, Pop and Electric stuff, but we dont limit ourselves, if possible.

The studio has worked with some of Ireland’s most anticipated acts. Which of them has been the most successful and has this led to a lot more interest for the studio?

We have been extremely fortunate to work with Soulé, Jafaris and Rushes. Their success to date has definitely driven lots of work our way.


Soulé is the leading force in a new wave of emerging Irish music. The Dublin based electronic pop artist is here to make her mark with her bass heavy sound and soft – soulful vocals. Born in London and raised in Dublin seaside town of Balbriggan, the singer songwriter’s innate charisma, natural talent and electronic pop influenced tunes have garnered her a cool, three million streams on Spotify. Music is like an extra language in Soulé’s family, one which everyone speaks. Born Samantha Kay, her musical calling came from an early age singing with her Mother and Aunts and becoming the youngest lead singer in their local gospel choir. The close-knit community of Balbriggan allowed young Soulé to grow and eventually thrive as an artist. With the help of her local youth club Foróige, at just 16 years old, Soulé and her buddies organised a televised music festival, ‘Nitrogen’ at which well-known Irish band ‘The Coronas’ performed. A huge success, the festival promoted positive mental health for young people, a subject close to Soulé heart. (From www.souleofficial.com) @souleofficial


Based in Dublin the singer/rapper/song writer/actor has only been doing music for about 3 years now with a healthy list of achievements to show. Dublin hip hop artist Jafaris is one of the rising talents poised to make that leap. He has also just been chosen alongside Saint Sister and Kormac for Three Ireland’s Made by Music campaign, which is creating visually arresting music videos for songs about connection. Jafaris is one of several up-and-coming artists (Soulé and Hare Squead are just two others) who have teamed up with Diffusion Lab, a Dublin based production and artist development collective focusing on Neo Soul, RnB, and hip hop. (From www.independent.ie) @jafarismusic


Sean Walsh – otherwise known as Rushes – left Skibbereen, County Cork in search of something more. Given that Walsh sounds like he was born out of Diffusion Labs as a fully formed artist, it’s slightly hard to believe – an image of him hunched over the computer, endlessly YouTube-ing Pharrell tracks. This is someone who, recently, found one of his tracks, Wave, included in Spotify UK’s New Music Friday playlist, fitting in among mainstream heavy weights. His work with Diffusion came about after a stint studying music production in Dublin. When he felt that he wasn’t progressing to where he wanted to be, and was struggling to express himself creatively, he put his studies on hold. (From www.goldenplec.com) @iamrushes

Which of the artists you have worked with do you feel we should be on the lookout for in the future?

Well I hate to keep mentioning our artists but they are all top shelf. I would definitely keep an eye out for all of them. We also work with some other artists that are not affiliated with DFL that I would recommend: Tim Chadwick, True Tides, Mnago xMathman, and Saint Sister, to name a few.

What do you feel led to these artists using your studio and expertise?

I guess we try to make the experience as fun as possible. Marcin and I complement each other well as a production team. We try to achieve the vision of the artist and do what we can to serve the music.

How much has the music industry changed in Dublin since you first moved there and what do you think has led to this

The music industry in Ireland is going through a really exciting time at the moment. When I first arrived it was pretty much band-driven but in the last four years it has become a melting pot of new sounds. Pop, Rap, Neo Soul, RnB and lots of cool stuff.

How does the studio go about marketing itself or has it been a lot of word-of-mouth through the music scene?

It’s all word-of-mouth. We try and let the music speak for itself.

Do you still make any music of your own like in the past or do you only work on other artists’ work right now?

I don’t get much time to work on my own stuff anymore but I’m cool with that. I love making music with and for other artists.

What can we expect from the studio in the future or are there any other projects we should be on the lookout for in the future?

We are always on the lookout for new artists to work with. We are currently working on a project with an artist called Sven and another artist called UNQ.