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‘DIVERSITEIT’ – (DIVERSITY) Makes its debut in this time of desperation and division through isolation to bring a message of unity. ‘ DIVERSITEIT’ is a collective album proudly released by Tunes Studio. Some of our country’s most talented Afrikaans musicians and rhyming artists have teamed up to create an album consisting of as many diverse genres as the album’s title implies. Eight of the nine tracks are Afrikaans songs with the exception of ‘Ubunye’, written and played by Charel Kleinhans and Danie du Toit (Spoegwolf) as a guest artist.

Jean Marais – Tunes Studio
Mark Ellis

Mark Ellis – TL Mastering

‘Die Bloed’ (The Blood) was the first single that was released off the album and is the only track that has been released before on Churchil Naudé’s own album which was titled, ‘Kroesified’. The version of ‘Die Bloed’ featuring Riku Lätti on this album, is a completely new take on the song and it is making the rounds on radio stations across the country.

The record consists of nine songs, and each is an intimate introduction to each artist through their sound, message and music. This album is a product of owner and co-producer of Tunes Studio, Jean Marais’s business model and values ​​focused on inclusivity and accessibility.

Music is healing, and the album came out in due time – here to remind us to be more tolerant of each other. The uncertainty of what will happen next means that we need to focus on what we do have control over now—a reaction to our circumstances. While doing so we can find peace and joy in the music even if only for a while. For a moment, forget about our worst problems.

The artists who participated in this album include Churchil Naudé, Riaan Nieuwenhuis, Riku Lätti, Bacchus Nel, Frazer Barry, Tuin, Petronel Baard and Soetmelk, Charel Kleinhans and Jolyn Phillips. ‘DIVERSITEIT’ was mixed and produced by Mark Ellis and Jean Marais who were responsible for the rhythm section on eight of the nine tracks. Another legendary element to the album contributed by TL Mastering’s own Tim Lengfeld who rounded off the sound. It is a recipe that overflows with diverse spices and flavours served in a nine-course meal for the soul.

The creators of this collaboration album hope to use their songs, through the language of Afrikaans, to convey the message that it is time to celebrate our diversity, to break down cultural barriers and to allow the flow and freedom of each song’s unique voice.


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