Julia Ronert / Sick Day

‘Sick Day’ was written in 2019 as a joyous pop punk salute to bunking work, but in current times its deeper themes of resistance have been highlighted in a particularly poignant way. Julia Robert is a female-fronted, female-drummed, boy-guitared, boy-bassed four piece DIY punky / psychy / grungey / glittery / disco-y band from Cape Town.

Joshua Stein

Their sound incorporates riot grrrl snark, krautrocky passages, bubblegum pop sensibilities and all the feels. The bass is heavy, the guitars are jagged, the drums are pounding and the vocals are urgent. They love non-linear song structures, linear song structures, anxiety, earnestness and unashamedly emotional outpourings.

Their new track ‘Sick Day’ is the lead single from their forthcoming EP ‘Late Stage Dream’. It is currently with all the major streaming partners.