Kgomotso’s work makes us aware of our ignorance.

Kgomotso’s work makes us aware of our ignorance. From a privileged perspective,  there are various dimensions of South Africa that many of us don’t experience. We interact with them on a surface level, artificially engaging with people and places we don’t understand. Be it the taxi driver, the recycling skaters or the construction worker, we have our preexisting visions that block any true representation. Very often the media contribute to these stereotypes by focussing on negative associations and so these naive images persist on our screens and in our minds.

Neto’s work challenges these stereotypes on two levels. His style is classic and strong, an aesthetic that the west is familiar with. By linking this aesthetic with an unfamiliar subject, Neto invites us to reconsider our views. Secondly, he frames his subjects in powerful and uplifting compositions, giving us an opportunity to challenge  our relationships with others. This positioning also confronts some of his subjects to reconsider their self-image and the spaces they inhabit. Neto’s passion for storytelling therefore changes people and spaces by presenting them in a new light. – Mmamodima Monnakgotla

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