The intensity on the stage reached an all-time high. The crowd became one with our souls and a trancelike sensation bled into the room, filling every inch of the gloomy, shadowy corners. We imagined we had reached the climax until a hyper-normal blanket draped itself over us.




In an eerie manner we felt tranquil. Everything slowed down in an unearthly fashion. A heightened exhilaration took over, one we have never experienced in these puny human bodies we live in. This is when we stripped ourselves naked from our materialistic garments, completely naked, surfing other-worldly waves of wizardry. Retro Dizzy, a concoction of sounds which involve garage, surf and psychedelic rock and roll, formed in their home town of Hermanus in 2014 and have since relocated to Cape Town. In an exceptionally short period of time these young lads have created quite a stir on the South African music scene, building themselves quite the reputation. Rude, racy and rowdy are some words certain people have used to describe them, but I’ll add sensual, sexual and serene. As it stands they have two albums out and even reached number 1 on Puk fm with “My baby got electrocuted”. They have since toured South Africa on a regular basis playing at popular venues and smaller, more unknown gems. Some festivals such as Mieliepop, Endless Daze, Lush, Malkop, Rocking the Daisies and Smoking Dragon, have had the honour of playing host to these risqué lads. Retro Dizzy have undoubtedly accomplished over and above, taking into consideration the short period of time since they started out.

The band consists of Nicolaas Rossouw (drums), Andre Vlok (guitar, backing vocals), Stuart Dods (guitar, backing vocals) and Richard Liefeldt (vocals, guitar). These troublesome gentlemen take much joy in spreading beautiful chaos. One never seems to expect the unique element of revelation they bring to each show separately. Unpredictable is undoubtedly a term which springs to mind. All of them are true artists in more then one way and this trait reveals itself within moments of being in their sinister presence. Lovely, charming young men with a sense of danger surrounding them. Their delinquent attitudes have earned them quite the reputation in South Africa, but one can’t help but love these sweet boys. Even though they are dangerously destructive, there is love and compassion within these boys. A lovely, beautiful mess.

Despite the fact these fearsome four live a certain rock and roll, “we don’t give a fuck” lifestyle, they continuously put in the hard work. They recently shot two new music videos which can be expected in the very near future. Sponsored by Jägermeister, they have a stupendous (and moderately drunk) future paved to rock royalty. Retro Dizzy, ladies and gentlemen.


Cretaures of the Black Desert

Just Relax