During the winter of 2005 I was commissioned by Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company – TMACC to photograph a project review manual linked to the changing of 2 of the cables that pull the cable-cars up and down the mountain.

Gary Hirson

Gary Hirson

Since then I’ve photographed the shutdown on an annual basis. During this time I’ve photographed; the changing of the 2 cables, the refurbishing of the cable cars, the cleaning of the cables upon which the cable cars run, upgrades to the lower and top cable stations, and other maintenance needed to ensure the smooth operation and the safety of the many people who summit and descend the mountain by cable-car.

Whenever I speak to people about this maintenance shutdown, the response I receive is usually that of bewilderment as it seems that not too many know that this engineering feat, in such a unique environment takes place.

This year TMACC celebrates its 90th anniversary. In celebration of this milestone the intention for this exhibition is to showcase what happens behind the scenes where (wo)man works with machine on a mountain to ensure that all can enjoy a bumpy free and safe ride to the top of Table Mountain.

Man, Machine and a Mountain is on exhibition at the Youngblood – Africa from the 5th to the 29th of March.