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Since * Biorhythm’s debut late last year, Martinique du Toit aka Matinino has been focusing mainly on her work in art department in film and preparing for her tour to Sweden and Norway as a part of Freja and the False prophecy. Freja won the South African rounds of the Nordic Game Contest and was due to travel to Malmo in Sweden for the Nordic Game Convention in May where the final round of the competition would be hosted. Matinino was invited to perform as well after which her plans extended to start an artist residency program in Norway for the remainder of the year. The abrupt lockdown has of course, have changed these plans and Matinino has shifted her focus to much more pressing matters… that of the wellbeing of the people in her immediate surroundings.

Mia Truter

* Biorhythm was an experiment in showcasing Music Videos LIVE before they were launched online to give both the musician and audience members back the tangibility and authenticity of presenting an artwork.

Image – Mia Truter

Martinique explains what the inspiration was behind Matinino’s latest release, “This song was written to calm, inspire and encourage patience amongst everyone in this trying time. My purpose as a musician is to heal and with this song, I am hoping I can provide even just the slightest bit of soul food to warm the listeners and urge them to persevere and power through. I began by asking myself how I could help them? What could I do to make the bitter taste just a tad sweeter? Or at least more bearable? My mission was to use my talents and skills as a musician to heal, to soothe and to inspire”.

Matinino – 21 days

Image – Mia Truter

Matinino’s has released a music video to accompany the single, 21 Days. A song that is for South Africa and our people. An ode to humanity. Martinique also continues to say that,

“This is a gift. This is my duty and I give it with great joy and humility. I have gained major respect for Ramaphosa in this trying time and his speeches have inspired me greatly.. to the point where I felt it would be my honour as a proud South African to write this song and add droplets of his encouraging speeches among the soothing sonic waters of this piece. I give this with love and I ask for nothing back but for those of you listening to allow the music to aid you in any way possible during this difficult time. I want people to feel that they can cope with staying indoors by merely keeping in mind the bigger picture…That by staying at home you are a saint and a veteran. You are as good as any doctor, or any warrior. By staying home you are in fact fighting for the greater good by saving lives and flattening the curve”.

Matinino – 21 days (Chapter 2)

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Matinino – Daughter of Delay

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Image – Mia Truter