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Morena Leraba is a shepherd from the mountains of Lesotho who fuses his homegrown traditional Famo inspired vocals with electronic dance, reggae, hip-hop and everything in between.

Meshing cultures and sounds from far and wide to create a truly unique sonic experience through collaborations with producers from across the world. At the heart of these global musical connections is Kashaka, a producer and DJ from Brooklyn, New York. The pair Hirst collaborated in 2016 when Kashaka visited Lesotho, which sparked a partnership that lead to a collaborative EP due for release in July 2018, which will also features Spoek Mathambo from South Africa and Larinu from Brazil.

While his collaborations in the international sphere have showcased his electronic inclinations, the ever- evolving live act firmly roots itself in the organic musicality of Leraba’s motherland. With a band assembled of world-class musicians from South Africa and Lesotho, Morena Leraba’s live act is unmistakably African at its core and befitting of big festival stages.