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Nic Preen launches himself into the abyss of solo musicians with the release of two new singles. Having formed two bands over the last ten years, Al Bairre and now The World of Birds, Preen’s solo act is a move toward something a little slower, a little more personal. With the release of the two tracks, Do You Really Care? and I’m Not Dead, he confides a simmered down, more version of himself to his audience.

Demi Bucklow

Willow Boraine

Inspired by the work of Kevin Morby, Devendra Banhart, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan and a handful others, we find the artist meandering into a territory of lyrical songwriting. His rudimentary and held-back singing style is not without a deeper understanding of his work. Writing catchy melodies, Preen is identifiable in both his tone and his lyrical methods. He says, “I have an inclination to identify where some words said in a certain pattern begin to sound nicer to the ear than others would. I like to think of it in the way that nursery rhymes aren’t nursery rhymes unless they’re catchy.”

No stranger to the life on tour with his bands, rooms on the road, setting up empty venues before the crowds, sleeping upright, dancing and bouncing and tangling himself in the cords at his feet, most of his work is mostly written at a still, more melancholy time. Mostly it is entirely dependent on his moods.

“The happier I am, the less I write, and the less I write, the sadder I become, and so the cycle continues. When I do write, I write alone. What I write is almost always in the form of a whine. I don’t really create happy songs because if I were happy I wouldn’t necessarily be inside and alone.”

Concurrent to his music, his work finds its way towards film and his project Supaa. With a parallel interest in filmwork, Preen is often surrounded by other creative minds. Pushing for their understanding of things, methods and questioning. He doesn’t shy away from questioning his surroundings and finding the answers he maybe wasn’t looking for in the first place.

Perhaps his film work will take on the same curiosity. “I’ll continue this path of music and film until both paths cross and really meet where I actually want them to meet and that’s at the point of financial and philosophic independence in being.”


Demi Bucklow

Willow Boraine