No smile, no pose, nonstop – strong attitude, walk fast, stay in line: Instructions like these were quite common during that week. With every designer comes new fashion and their precise ideas how it should be presented. On television, the show appears perfectly timed and with ease. At the Vienna Fashion Week, I did what I love most about photography: giving the viewers an insight into places they otherwise cannot see, and moments they would otherwise not be able to witness. To show the B-side of the story, I went backstage and created insight shots in a world of its own. And I did it in my very own view, from my point of view, and in my very own style.

Janick Entremont

Janick Entremont

I was very interested in the visual medium from a young age. My approach was initially very technology-intensive, so I found it appealing to explore the inside and how a camera works. Over the years and with increasing experience, it became more and more critical for me to find my personal access and to put content in the foreground of my work.

I am currently studying with pleasure at the Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin and am taking the opportunity to try out and orientate myself creatively. Always giving in to the urge to try and discover new things, I not only experiment with various genres and techniques, but I am still on the go with my camera to meet people and learn their stories.

With my work, I would like to offer the viewer insights into places that he would not otherwise see and allow moments that he would otherwise not be able to experience. This is what I love most about photography and find it so appealing: to enable visual access to emotional, personal or meaningful events.