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OAKLEY / Milestone 3.0 – ONE OBSESSION

What started off as a way to pay the rent in San Francisco, soon turned into a new way of life for Chas Christiansen. Messenger cycling opened up a world of opportunity and introduced Chas to an international community of like-minded people. Taking his bike everywhere that he goes, travelling the globe in search of new people, cultures and experiences.

“Exploring the world is my obsession. My goal in life is to see every country in the world, and to experience as many cultures as I can.”

Chas Christiansen

The thinnest, lightest and strongest non-metal frame ever created by Oakley, Milestone™ offers an ultra-comfortable and ultra-durable alternative to acetate by taking advantage of premium NanOmatter™ in an innovative industrial design of thin cross sections.


Oakley builds its optical frames with care and precision. Oakley glasses are made with a three-point fit system, which maximizes optical performance by holding the lenses in precise optical alignment. Oakley offers both lifestyle and performance eyeglasses that transition seamlessly from the office to the outdoors.



Milestone-3.0 Matte Black Ink ox8093-0449-Milestone-3.0_MatteDarkAmber

Milestone 3.0 Matte Dark Amber


Milestone 3.0 Matte Denim ox8093-0549-Milestone-3.0_MatteOliveInk

Milestone 3.0 Matte Olive Ink ox8093-0149-Milestone-3.0_SatinBlackMilestone 3.0 Satin Black

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