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Performing as MISSU and Red Robyn, Sean Ross and Ash De Gee have resumed their long history of collaboration to produce You and Me , a new single shaped and influenced by the sounds of South Africa’s dance music scene.

Originally written while the pair lived in Durban, and first performed at Oppikoppi in 2018 before it was recorded, this fully homegrown track brings a catchy pop/afro/electro feel to the airwaves – “it’s a dance banger”, says MISSU. Red Robyn and MISSU finally recorded the track together at the Red Bull Studios in Cape Town during September 2018. Both were heavily inspired by Mura Masa at the time, particularly the Guernsey-born electronic music producer’s self-titled debut album released in 2017.

The pair has now permanently relocated to the west coast city after busying themselves with ‘many other projects on the go’. They decided that now was the perfect time to share their work which is driven by a desire to feel free and give people a chance to let go on a dancefloor.

“The best thing about music is that it’s a universal language and it’s the one thing that makes you feel connected to other people without having to know that much about them.”, says Red Robyn.

The timing of this release is no coincidence, as both Red Robyn and MISSU believe that everyone could use ‘a little more love and joy’ as the nation locks down and prepares for the many challenges ahead.

As there was no way to film a traditional music video to accompany the single, they asked friends to submit their own dance interpretations of the track. Knitted together from these clips, the final video reflects the pair’s light-hearted nature and the delight they aim to create with their music.

“We loved making this track and we hope people enjoy it and feel the energy we felt. Maybe they can even show us their own dances. Sharing this now is a small way that we as artists can spread a little love!”, says MISSU.