I’m trying to create content that centres people like me, People of Colour, Queers, and I’m trying to do it with as much authenticity as possible.


Tell us a bit more about yourself. I was born and bred in Cape Town in a neighbourhood called Grassy Park! What I studied (Biological Studies and Environmental Studies) is a far cry from what I’ve been doing since the end of last year. I have been doing more creative things such as photography and expanding into other creative mediums (even helped with styling my friend Nazlee Saif’s music video titled Afrofuturistic Gangsterism).  I do still try and use flowers (my true love and probably what kept me in biology) in a lot of images I take.  I am also working on a photo project which will look at queer femininity, not going to give too much detail but its going to involve quite a few cool creatives.

How did you start fooling around with film photography? It was actually with my friend Nazlee’s camera, a Minolta, before that I was trying digital, which didn’t quite give me the creative feel I wanted. Then I was messing around with a point and shoot that was just chilling at my place.Towards the end of last year I finally got to play with my own camera, a Nikon FM2 which I got from a family friend and have been learning more with every roll of film I shoot.

When did you and Angel-Ho meet? What was it that sparked friendship? We met quite late, even though we’ve known of each other for a while. The beginning of this year is when we met properly and kinda solidified our bond and our friendship. I was looking for folks to collaborate with and just to have someone to create with. After doing a shout out on Instagram Angel hit me up saying that they want to create. I was so thrilled, starstruck for a bit, the things they’ve produced, the iconic “Keep in Touch” music with Dope St Jude, the style, the looks, and here’s me, obviously saying yes!

Your behind the scenes capture real moments in time. Would you say that you always “lurk” and capture when the subject is unaware? I think this for me depends on what I’m trying to capture, for portraits, shots that are themed, and shoots at events I like for there to be more communication. For the behind the scenes I wanted it to be natural, not orchestrated. What you see is real. I also hope the subject is somewhat aware, I really try not to distance myself too much from those who are captured by my lens.

What content you’re trying to produce? I’m trying to create content that centres people like me, People of Colour, Queers, and I’m trying to do it with as much authenticity as possible.

VSCO vs photoshop- This is a tough question because I’m a late bloomer, I do prefer VSCO on my phone for those quick and easy edits. If there’s a shot that can benefit significantly from a photoshop tweaking and not lose of the richness captured in film I use photoshop.

Coffee vs tea- I actually love them both but I’m definitely more of a coffee girl. Need at minimum two cups to get me started in the day, and survive the week. Tea is what I need to unwind, light my incense and smoke a cigarette, like a little ritual when I’m home.

INFO:  INSTAGRAM- @shiraz.the.alien