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A lyric video for Starkes Mädchen by Julia Robert. This is not a regular lyric video; think of it as a translation of sorts. Not just a linguistic translation, but a translation of medium, several times over. What started off as a German lyric’d synth-drenched new wave song about womxn empowerment has been turned into a collaborative, rotoscoped video ode to all the strong womxn that run this mf every single day.

WORDS: Roderick MacLeod

ANIMATION & DIRECTION: Ines Soutchska &Caitlin Barraclough

BAND: Julia Robert

SONG: Starkes Mädchen (Lyric Video)

The video was created by Ines Soutchska and Caitlin Barraclough using Fleischer’s rotoscoping technique. For those of you not in the know, rotoscoping is a process in which an animators illustrates, frame by frame, over filmed footage, by hand, to produce a mesmerising, repetitive and almost rushed style of animation. When executed properly, it can be dizzying and beguiling; with the illustrated forms of the subjects distorting and wiggling in and out of phase with their filmed selves.


As the animation struggles against its subjects’ outline, it hints at a pushing beyond the limit of definition of the self, of ourselves. It’s ironically fitting and appropriative that this animation technique, which was arguably refined and perfected in a 1940’s TV serial about one of the most archetypal and idealised fantasies of western masculinity , has been used to express the pain, strength, rage, support, and solidarity of womxn today. – Watch the video HERE

As with so much art, the matter of translation has remained key throughout this project. The lyrics, from German to English. The videos from film to illustration, and then from illustration to animation. With each translation, with each substituted word, with each hand-drawn frame, something is lost. But just as one thing is lost, something else is always, ALWAYS, gained.


We are all so often asked to carry our messages from one medium to another, from one linguistic code to another. I hope that this video, based on this song, reminds you that powerful and unifying messages transcend medium and delivery; that translation and transformation are powerful allies; that if you want to get your thoughts out into this dizzyingly fucked up world, you’re going to have to claw like the wild.

The video featured the love and rage of the following womxn: @jess_barraclough @iamnotmaya @tessicles_u @nikolavlok @lili.rosey @ashleigh_pote @thisisjoyjessica @just_nella @kayleighannekirsten @mirchmellow @mightaswellmichelle @bokkoms @memories_making_maike @yelenwells @roskiline @tara_bakkes @bex.medicine.doll @caitlinccloete @kaylathecrow @looptropp021 @trootvz @jlev514 @stephaniefrostsymonds @jenstrydom @annneria @nannaventer @dianes_all_manner_of_things @purely @adialidal @hey_look_its_allas @beach_goths @jennalinley @iniesoo @cult_wife_ @caitysheila, @tara_bakkes, Lika, Maike and Verena.