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You can plan for months or days, nothing will prepare you for the drive through outback Australia. Every day there will be another “I wish I brought that, I wish I brought this!” We packed everything we could think of in the back of that wagon because in five hours we would be in the middle of no where, hopefully still alive.

In we hopped, the five of us. Some old friends, some new friends and some who’d never spoken a word to each other. Most had never been near the outback and Molly’d never been to Australia. That morning were as ready as we were ever going to be. With the car loaded up, we headed North.

What followed is anyone’s guess. We’re all still a little blurry on that, but I did learn something. The flies that hitch a ride on your shoulders are right, you stink. There’s no water source for a few days, the gas station won’t let you clean up in the sink and don’t even mention a shower. You’re driving six hours each day, for twenty-something days, packing up camp and setting it back up again every one of those days. You can’t change your t-shirt every day, nor your jeans or your shoes. So change your socks. Even if it’s only every second day, Mum won’t find out. And you might get away with it when people start pointing the finger at who’s the smelliest.

STANCE / thanks to you were  filthy from head to toe.

The Adventure Handbook presents:
Woop Woop for Stance Socks
Featuring Molly Steele
Shot, directed, edited and scored by The Adventure Handbook
Shot on the beautiful Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara land of the Northern Territory