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Image – Danie Van Rensburg

The Medicine dolls released their first single “Vicious Little Sister” along with a video last week. We had a quick chat with Greg Allan about the track, the recent B52’s cover they did and news on the up and coming full length album.

Danie Van Rensburg – portrait
Laura-Mccullagh – live

How are you guys surviving during the lockdown? 

Its, a bit of a rollercoaster ride, isn’t it. For the most part, we are doing alright, most of our time is used creatively, lots of recording, writing and art-making has occurred. On the mental health side, its been pretty rough. The lesson in sobriety is a challenge, ha, but at least we have cigarettes, music and each other. 

Will the new single be part of the up and coming album? 

Yeah, “Vicious Little Sister” is the first single off the album. 

Image – Laura Mccullagh

Where was all the footage in the video from?

The footage is a collection of live and tour stuff, done by two of our filmmaker mates, Dawie Roux, Zainab Hoseini and Darren Brandt, as well as a home video shot in our flat over the past year or so. 

How long have you been working on the album now and when do you see the release date? 

We recorded the bulk of the record at Just Music Studios in Johannesburg, with a sonic architect known as Mathew Fink in the producer chair. We are going to wait for this Corona mess to clear up before we release the record. 

Image – Laura Mccullagh

You recently did a superb cover version of the B52’s “Rock Lobster” alongside a fun little video. How did this come about and will it be included on the new album or released as a single? 

Yeah, when this Corona mess kicked off, we knew the album would be on ice for a while. So the idea of recording covers and asking for donations, seemed like a great way to keep a small income stream going, while also being able to keep putting out content. 

Can we expect any more cover versions from the online busking corner? 

Certainly, we have an album’s worth of cover tunes in mind. 

What do you feel is the best way for fans to support bands during the current circumstances? 

We have just set up a Patreon, so for as little as $2 a month, fans can help us out, in exchange for cool exclusive content and rewards, I know a lot of artists are doing this also. 

Image – Laura Mccullagh